Surviving 8 Days In Tokyo

November 30, 2013

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Stepping into Tokyo was like landing on Jupiter – it’s foreign in every way – and I was completely spellbound.

It’s a gorgeous, clean, crime-free city of such striking contrast; where ancient history meets Bladerunner modernity. They pray in gorgeous 2,000-year-old Samurai shrines and eat with chopsticks, and yet the futuristic robotized public toilets massage your butt and spray cologne on your dick.

Scott Russo (from Unwritten Law), Davin Dell’osa, and I were invited to host the infamous New Lex nightclub for a week (1am-6am, including one short acoustic performance), and the time passed in a beautiful blur.

Or as I texted my friend back home:

“…a relentless triple tasty rainbow of sleep deprivation, FDA non-regulated reptile dinners with transgender entertainers, club hosting with Japanese pop stars, Russian minors and Yakuza hitmen; flying home with a year’s worth of therapist fodder and at least standing pneumonia: Double happiness neon nausea.”

Our hosts were incredibly cool and unreasonably generous. They indulged all of my outlandish requests, brought us to the wildest places, and enabled us to truly suck the marrow out of the experience – (literally).

On one memorable night, on a street known as “Piss Alley”, we were ushered up a ladder to a tiny, smoke-filled room where we sat next to a rattlesnake fermenting in sake – and were served whole salamanders, pigs’ feet, raw pig testicles, frogs, and raw fish liver. The chain-smoking, pruned-up owner kindly apologized that the snake blood I asked for was “out of season”.

The Kimche (standard side-dish made of cabbage) tasted like crunchy Wetnaps, but everything else was delicious beyond description.

I started each morning with a breakfast of sea urchin sushi, sake and tea, and exploring alone – then would meet up for that afternoon’s scheduled activities. One day, they helped us hunt down the locations from Lost in Translation, then took us shopping in Harajuku (the “punk” area) (where the main street is literally called TAKE-A-SHITA), past a restaurant where robots duel on motorcycles, then on to a pet store that sells black-market monkeys the size of your thumb.

In addition to forging wonderful friendships with our hosts (Taka and Yuji), it was a blast to re-connect with westerners who were passing through on tour – my bandmate and brother, Elias, came by with Ke$ha and the entire crew, Chris Holmes dropped by with the Paul McCartney tour, as did the Avril Lavigne posse, Atoms for Peace, and the Burton Snowboard team.

I’m insanely grateful for the experience, relieved not to have ended up the subject of a Locked Up Abroad episode.

Even now as I write this, I miss my new friends and the city that opened my eyes, and can’t wait to visit again – even were I to possibly expire there next time.  :)

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Shibuya Crossing

The New Lex posse


Disney cast and Boot and Taka’s birthday


4 copy_shop
Alex Anfanger and Mike Rosenstein, and Davin being himself

Frog, pig ankles, raw beef, and sweet yam haagen-dazs

Police cruiser, Ritz menu



IMG_0735 1_shop
Ornate sewer cover

IMG_0737 1_shop
One of many examples of English words being hilariously hijacked by Tokyo fashion

IMG_0739 1_size_shop

IMG_0741 1_size_shop
Statue outside temple

IMG_0754 1_shop
Eating pig liver in authentic classic Japanese restaurant surrounded by chain-smoking businessmen

IMG_0757 1_shop
Suspicious insignia discovered on my Google Maps

IMG_0759 1_shop
Poster for Behind the Candelabra

IMG_0787 1_shop
Tokyo bathroom graffiti

IMG_0794 1_shop
Unless Kelly got a face transplant, this photo is mislabeled.

IMG_0798 1_shop
Yozo’s rad jacket I wanted to steal

IMG_0809 1_shop
You had me at “painful”

IMG_0810 1_shop
Typical shop in Harajuku

IMG_0813 1_shop
Gum with a clever title

IMG_0814 1_shop
Cute sign in subway

IMG_0824 1_shop
Vivian Westwood fingerless gloves that zip up into a puck-sized carrying case

IMG_0830 1_size_shop
Disney cast at our Hello Kitty party

Jess from Brisbane with Hello Kitty

The aftermath

IMG_0842 1_size_shop
Members Only clubs with cool names

IMG_0844 1_shop
With Toru Yamashita from the band One Ok Rock

IMG_0846 1_shop
Typical food for sale

IMG_0852 1_shop
Hot Pepper Beauty magazine :)

IMG_0857 1_shop
Taka showing us how it’s done

IMG_0876 1_size_shop
Cool cosmetics store name

IMG_0882 1
About to perform with Scott Russo (Unwritten Law)

IMG_0889 1_shop
Salamander skewers

IMG_0895 1_shop
Fermenting rattlesnake

IMG_0899 1_shop
Decor on the wall of the restaurant

IMG_0900 1_shop
Things you just see

IMG_0912 1
Amazing neon

IMG_0919 1_crop_shop
Lounge band at the Park Hyatt – setting of Lost in Translation

IMG_0926 1_shop
Davin in Shinjuku

The amazing Jess Mitchel


IMG_0955 1_size_shop
A thermos that, I assume, catches your son’s urine in the car

View from Ritz lobby


The Burton team invited us to watch a snowboard contest… IN A MALL.

IMG_1013 1_shop
Funny translation – they probably meant Garbage Capture Station

IMG_1018 1_shop
Our view during dinner- an unbelievably sophisticated and spectacular performance by men in drag.

IMG_1023 1_shop
Funny strip club name. I threatened to open up ELEVEN SLUTS next door and drive them out of business.

IMG_1031 1_shop
Hairless Sphinx cat just judging and intimidating everyone.

Xmas light show

IMG_1053 1_size_shop
What brand do you prefer? I like the Castor Melodics.

IMG_1060 1_shop
Two little gems at the shrine

IMG_1061 1_shop
Meiji Jingu Shrine

Mother and daughter

IMG_1081 1_size_shop
My sleeping pills came with a cell phone cat charm.

IMG_1082 1_shop
Funny restaurant name

IMG_1097 1
My toilet side by side with the Millennium Falcon

IMG_1098 1
Spidey – Osaka proportions

Ke$ha performing

Raw pig testicles (served cold with raw egg yolk)

In traditional food stall

Eating upstairs at “Morning Wood” in the infamous “Piss Alley”

More striking neon near Shibuya

A citizen with style

Classic misspelling that brought us great delight

Dinner with Takahiro Morita from ONE OK ROCK

Sushi and wine breakfast

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